Doing feedback positively!

Just a quick coach blog this week as coach has finally fallen in a hole with a head cold….

Congratulations to all our new and old 70.3 finishers! You have had an amazing race and it was so uplifting and gratifying to see so many smiles out there.. Enjoy it, it really is an amazing experience, not just the race but the aftermath…

Once the celebrations wear off many triathletes (most athletes but triathletes seem to be a breed of their own) start to get a bit down on themselves and instead of thinking about all the wonderful things that they did in the race, start to think about where they went wrong….

Instead of all the wonderful stories, you start to hear “but only if I did that”, “god my swim was slow”, “hell I am slow” etc etc.. It takes the gloss off the memories and it really shouldn’t be like that.. There is always something that can be done better but you shouldn’t dwell on it. It detracts from the good stuff.

I have been guilty as sin for doing just that…

My trick, I have learned for dealing with the “could have been” is to allow myself three takeaways from the race…. No negativity, just goals that I can work on going forward….


I’d like to work on my swim confidence

I’d like to work on my bike speed

I’d like to get my run pace to 5:30/km

They can be as general or specific as you like….. no rules but be positive.

If you have a coach chat to them about your race, your feedback and what you can do to make your race takeaway goals happen…. So that they can start to shape your training…. If you don’t have a coach, research and talk to your peers….

Once you have a plan in place for the future, forget about how you could have done your race better, there is always another race, just enjoy your accomplishments and remember all the amazing things you did…

Every single one of you deserves to feel good and positive about what you did because of all the hard work you did before and how you performed and represented yourself on the day!


Keep smiling!


Peta from Energise Coaching is a Triathlon Australia Development Coach and an Athletics Australia Recreational Running Coach. She offers personalised training programs for triathlon/swimming/running, generic training plans and structured run sessions for all levels and abilities. Contact Peta and ask what she can do for you!