Testimonials from happy athletes…

Peter, runner, who completed the City to Surf marathon on the 28th August 2017:

I contacted Peta from Energise Coaching because I wanted to run my first marathon. I only gave her 4 months to get me to that level and I’d only done a couple of half marathons before. I never imagined being able to run up to 80 km in a week but with her help I achieved this. My time on my first marathon, earlier this year, was 4:30:11, for the next one I’ll definitely get Peta’s help again!

Peter – 44yr old bloke!

 Alex, swimmer, who completed the Rotto swim as a duo on the 25th Feb 2017:

“Hi Peta, I would like to thank you for your swim coaching and help to correct my swim stroke. It really made a difference and helped me to achieve my goal of a Duo Rottnest Channel swim. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thanks again I will see you soon for further development. Cheers Alex”

Sue, triathlete and multi-sport athlete:

“I have been training with Peta for 8 months now and have noticed quite an improvement in my swimming technique and speed. She is very professional, yet down to earth and approachable.I highly recommend her friendly training sessions whether you be a serious athlete, or someone just starting out on your fitness journey, or anywhere in-between.”

Annjie, triathlete, member of triathlon club that Peta coaches at as a volunteer, training for her first half ironman:

“I was very apprehensive to join a Triathlon group as felt I was too slow. Peta made me feel welcomed and was very attentive and reassuring throughout all the sessions. I enjoy every session I attend and can see progress each session. Amazing,supportive and knowledgeable.”

Monica, triathlete, member of triathlon club that Peta coaches at as a volunteer, training for her first half ironman:

“Peta has succeeded in training me within twelve coaching sessions to progress from an out of condition easily tired swimmer to a motivated , Olympic distance triathlete who recently completed a triathlon that included open water swimming . When we began training I became breathless within a very short time, now following Peta’s instructions my technique is corrected and breathing has improved.Each week the program changes as she targets a different issue; I am never bored. Peta assesses each session, keeping variety and challenge flourishing and varies the drills, improving coordination and enthusiasm. Now, twelve sessions later, her efforts and mine enabled me to achieve what I set out to do.”