FAQs Run Sessions (see also coaching and plans below) – please email contact@energisecoaching.com.au for any specific questions.

Why should I come to Energise Coaching run sessions?

Quality coached sessions led by a qualified Athletics Australia coach.

Goal & level appropriate training.

Race specific training.

Manageable class sizes so you get individual attention.

Run tips and advice – that question that you think is silly, really isn’t! You just haven’t asked it yet (the rest of us have at least once).

Options for personalised programs

Can I come to a run session if I am a beginner?

Of course! Our sessions are structured so they work for all levels and abilities. We offer a fully inclusive, supportive and motivating environment.. All our runners can inspire each other. Everyone is at a different stage of their own journey, we want to encourage everyone to stay involved.

I know the run sessions are for all levels but I am still a little shy and unsure, do you run specific programs for beginners?

Yes we do, watch out for announcements for our 4 or 6 week programs! These include 2 sessions a week and lots of other helpful information to get you started on your running journey.

I am training for a half marathon/5km/sprint triathlon etc will the run sessions help me? 

The run sessions will take into account your level of fitness and what you are training for. The sessions are easily modifiable to take into account your goals, your current level of fitness and the type of session you need for any race specific training.


FAQs Coaching (see also plans below) – please email contact@energisecoaching.com.au for any specific questions.

I am a new athlete, I am not sure I am good enough yet to have a coach?

Energise coaching will structure the program to your current level of fitness and stage of development. A personalised program will give you accountability, consistent & balanced training and reduce the risk of injury from over training or doing the wrong type of training. You will learn why you do certain type of sessions which will help you improve and reach your goals.

What events and type of people do you coach?

Energise coaching offers triathlon, swimming and running coaching. We have people who struggle to swim 100m to start with all the way through to swimmers who have done the rotto swim. We have people who are doing their first enticer, all the way through to those doing ironman. We have people who are competing purely for fun, friendships and fitness and those that are super competitive. Energise coaching has both junior and senior athletes.

I work 50 hours a week, have 6 children, how will I fit my program training sessions in around that?

Energise coaching will fit your training in with your time availability and other commitments. Things happen and we will allow for that in your personalised program. The program will work around you, your life shouldn’t have to work around the program.

I don’t have the money for all the equipment, does it matter?

No, we will work around what equipment you have. We have seen people doing ironman on a mountain bike! The most important equipment is you!

What do I get for my money for a coaching program?

  • Athlete review of lifestyle, fitness, injuries, sporting background, race/performance goals and race schedule.
  • Premium version of Training Peaks (discount to monthly plan if the athlete already has premium TP)
  • Set up of heart rate & pace training zones, power if the athlete has a power meter and swimming CSS.
  • Regular testing and assessment of fitness in relation to performance goals.
  • Personalised plan mapped to athlete’s goals and lifestyle provided on a fortnightly basis.
  • Regular reviews and communication with the athlete and adjustment of plan if required.



FAQs Training Plans – please email contact@energisecoaching.com.au for any specific questions.

I’m not sure of what that means  on the training plan, can we contact you to ask?

Yes, of course. We will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours (usually less).

I really liked that session in the training plan or I don’t think that session quite worked, can we give you feedback?

Absolutely, Energise Coaching is always updating and changing the programs and sessions. With any of our offerings, feedback both positive and negative is gratefully accepted to ensure the continuing development of our coaching for your benefit!