Energise Triathlon, Run & Swim Coaching Programs

Perth based Energise Coaching offers personalised coaching programs for triathlon, running or swimming.

Energise personalised coaching programs include;

  • Athlete review of lifestyle, fitness, injuries, sporting background, race/performance goals and race schedule.
  • Premium version of Training Peaks (discount to monthly plan if the athlete already has premium TP)
  • Set up of heart rate & pace training zones, power if the athlete has a power meter and swimming CSS.
  • Regular testing and assessment of fitness in relation to performance goals.
  • Personalised plan mapped to athlete’s goals and lifestyle provided on a weekly/fortnightly basis.
  • Regular reviews and communication with the athlete and adjustment of plan if required.


Energise Coaching Services

  1. Personalised triathlon/swimming or running programs. Can be done remotely.
  2. Individual or group swimming technique correction.


For cost information please contact Peta at Energise Coaching.


Peta from Energise Coaching in Perth prides herself on sustainable training designed to fit in with your lifestyle.

Training should be challenging but satisfying and achievable, Peta will work with you to reach your performance goals while finding a balance so your husband or wife occasionally gets to spend date night with you and you aren’t always working, training or arguing with the kids…. 🙂

At Energise coaching we believe in quality over quantity and finding what works for you so that we can meet your performance targets.