About the coach

Peta Woodland is a Perth based, focused, highly enthusiastic and very energetic triathlon, swim and run coach.

She is a Triathlon Australia accredited Development coach

and an Athletics Australia accredited Intermediate Recreational Running coach

and a Training Peaks Level 1 Certified Coach

Her strengths:

  • Inclusive and supportive environment for all athletes regardless of level.
  • Goal appropriate training (even if that goal is to meet people).
  • Balanced training.
  • Athlete specific programs.
  • Group sessions for fun, fitness and friendship.
  • Encouragement to all levels of athletes to get involved and stay active.
  • Mature athletes
  • Injury prone athletes


Highlights for Peta as an athlete:

  • Third in age group WA Telstra pursuit (sprint/olympic) series in 2014-2015 triathlon season.
  • Ironman WA in 2015
  • Sunsmart Busselton 70.3 in 2015 & 2016.
  • Cairns 70.3 in 2016
  • Numerous top ten age group placings at local triathlon events.
  • Top 3 age group placings at local run events.


Peta currently coaches at Perth Hills Triathlon club, part time, as a volunteer. She also wrote & runs the 70.3 program at PHTC. She loves introducing people to the sport of triathlon, running and swimming & finding ways to keep them involved. She can help you with that too!

Peta is a life long swimmer and enjoys swimming for racing as well as a recovery tool. She is having great success with her swim athletes who vary from near beginners to advanced swimmers training for long distance races.

She discovered running, later in life. Although ungainly in her running style, Peta is a strong runner and is an advocate of walk/run strategy in longer distance races to preserve the body and allow a sustainable, often faster race.

Peta was an injury prone and still is 🙂 a mature athlete who trained herself to a large 70.3 PB because she tailored a program by listening to her body & what it needed. She learned that adequate recovery means performance gains & less injury.

Many AG athletes struggle to stick to very high volume programs when they have work & all the other pressures. Peta likes to see her athletes succeed but within the boundaries of the rest of their life. That way everything is sustainable & the risk of burn out & injury diminishes. Training definitely can be sustainable & performance goals met within those boundaries.

Peta is currently hauling herself back up to full fitness after suffering a season ending shoulder injury caused by a MVA with plans at another attempt at IMWA in 2017.