Energise – Run Club & Calendar

Energise Coaching Run Club is now underway in Perth’s southern Suburbs on Monday at 6.15pm!

All Energise Run Club sessions will start from Bob Blackburn reserve unless otherwise announced (see calendar below for details), however we may utilise the general area (roads/tracks etc), as well as the oval to ensure there is plenty of variety in the sessions…..

Calendar is as follows;

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18th Sep 25th Sep 2nd Oct 9th Oct 16th Oct  23rd Oct
Monday 6.15pm BB No session BB BB BB  BB
BB Bob Blackburn reserve – meet at playground
CL Meet near toilets at Champion Lakes
CD Corner of Angorra & Carradine Road Armadale
BB-Start Meeting at Bob Blackburn – but we are running elsewhere

Goal & level appropriate training.Quality coached sessions led by a qualified Athletics Australia coach.

Race specific training.

Manageable club class sizes so you get individual attention.

Run tips and advice – that question that you think is silly, really isn’t! You just haven’t asked it yet (the rest of us have at least once).

Options for personalised program, if you would like a program that is designed just for you, whatever your goals with regular access to a coach, regular testing and feedback, then check out our personalised program option here

  1. There are a number of sessions on offer at Energise Coaching’s run club:
    1. All levels – caters for all levels including race specific training.  These sessions will take into account your INDIVIDUAL level of fitness so there is no reason not to come along even if you are a beginner or an advanced runner. Sessions may be;
      • Shorter intervals and threshold intervals (see my article on determining threshold pace).
      • Longer intervals/ tempo paced intervals…
    2. Beginners for those a little bit shy to start and our couch to 5kers.. ***Register your interest for a beginners course starting soon.                                                                                    
    3. Mums/Dads session – this will cater for all abilities but will allow Mum to bring her kids along, meet other mums and keep an eye on your kids while doing your exercise (Mums and Dads are welcome if your kids are at school too)…. Likely to be held at a playground with running exercises designed in a way that kids are supervised at all times… The coach also has a working with children card. ****Register your interest for a mums and bubs class by subscribing to Energise coaching or sending an email to contact@energisecoaching.com.au


More sessions will be created as demand dictates! 🙂

Cost is $10 per session for casual run club attendance..